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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine generally refers to the specific treatment of sports injuries with the expectation of a much higher level of return to sports specific activities. Since 2001, we, at Covina Hills Sports Medicine have been providing sports medicine care for athletes ranging from little league ball players to Olympic athletes and major league professional athletes. Equipped with the latest knowledge and state of the art technology, we are able to fully evaluate athletic performance and the capacity to return to sport safely and successfully. Employing surface electromyography, slow motion video capture and 3D motion analysis, we are able to specifically address the impairments that would otherwise go unnoticed. Understanding the rigors of training and athletic participation allows us to appropriately set meaningful treatment goals.

Common areas of Sports Medicine care include:

  • Throwing injuries: rotator cuff dysfunction and impingent syndromes
  • Overuse elbow injuries: Tennis/ golfers elbow and ligament injuries
  • Neck and back injuries: Core stabilization and postural dysfunctions
  • Hip dysfunction including gluteal activation deficits
  • Running injuries: The full spectrum of lower extremity conditions
  • Knee ligament injuries including ACL and PCL rehab programs
  • Ankle instability and pain
  • Foot pain and trauma
  • Sports specific training for return to the athletes prior level of function.