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About Us

Covina Hills Sports Medicine is at the forefront of physical therapy care, providing the highest level of evidence-based care in the region. Being centrally located in San Dimas, California allows us to service the health needs of the greater San Gabriel Valley. The mission of Covina Hills Sports Medicine is to provide the most effective, high-quality service possible through the one-on-one intervention of a licensed physical therapist. In accordance with the vision of the American Physical Therapy Association, the doctors of physical therapy at Covina Hills Sports Medicine seek to transform the health of our patients and clients by optimizing movement and improving the human experience. We strive to work with each individual in a collaborative effort to restore full function through the use of evidence-based practice, current and emerging research, and through the use of state of the art technology in a highly caring and supportive environment.

The doctors of physical therapy at Covina Hills Sports Medicine have been uniquely trained in biomechanical analysis of movement and function to improve the assessment of your physical condition. We treat athletes from the surrounding high schools and universities and are the official therapists for the Inland Pacific Ballet Company, based in Montclair. Covina Hills Sports Medicine is a teaching facility providing a clinical education site for physical therapy interns and residents as well as our staff serving as faculty in the Department of Physical Therapy at Azusa Pacific University.

Specialized services provided at Covina Hills Sports Medicine include the use of NORAXON Myomuscle® surface electromyography and NORAXON Myomotion® 3D motion capture along with video-based movement assessment of gait, running and sports-specific activities. We also provide computerized strength testing with the BIODEX® Isokinetic System for the purpose of determining deficits and charting progress during recovery.