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caption: “…thanks to the operation performed on my knee and physical therapy I will be able to play in games before next season starts.”

caption: “They helped me get better and I enjoyed every time I went. Thanks to them I got back into soccer very quickly.”

caption: “Physical therapy has given me my life back.”

caption: “I had a lot of pain and the drills immediately helped me sleep better, stretch more, and helped increase my energy level.”

caption: “Erin provided progressive and tailored treatment under a relaxed environment that rendered noticeable results.”

caption: “…it also helped me become faster and stronger than I was before. I don’t know where I would be without the staff of Covina Hills Sports Medicine.”

“Mark is my hero. He brought be from surgery to performance on pointe in six weeks. If it weren’t for Mark and Covina Hills Sports Medicine, I might never have danced again.”

Sarah Spradlin-Bonomo, Professional Dancer

“I have been using Covina Hill Sports Medicine for over five years. My patients and I have always been extremely satisfied with their excellent care. I will continue to use their therapists for my patients because of the outstanding care they provide.”

Michael Puniak, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon

“Covina Hills Sports Medicine is a thoroughly professional and personable organization. Mark Baker and his staff were directly responsible for my quick and full recovery from major back surgery, which enabled me to resume training at the high level of intensity I was accustomed to.”

Ruben Holguin, Police Officer and Triathlete

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Apr 27, 2017
"I was at other place before and was not impressed. Covina Hill PT is a great place to be if you need PT. Very perfectional and friendly. Erin and Michelle are great! I will give 10 stars!"
Feb 10, 2017
"I come in with knee pain after a soccer injury. All staff was very encouraging and super nice. I worked on glute strengthening with EMG and video analysis. I don't have any pain and feel comfortable going back to soccer. I'm not afraid of re-injury because of everything I did here."
Feb 08, 2017
"I got immediate relief"
Dec 28, 2016
"I have been to multiple physical therapists, and this is the best place I have been to by far. Michelle, Erin, Mark, and their team were so welcoming and made me feel like I would make a full return to my sports after my surgery, which I did. They were always so friendly and easy to talk to. I'm actually sad I have to leave here! That's not something most people say about physical therapy. Thank you for building my strength and confidence back up. Would highly recommend to anyone who needs physical therapy."
Nov 11, 2016
"Covina Hills Sports Medicine is an amazing place for PT. They are so friendly and work truly hard at what they do. From the first day here, I could feel the change and I am now back to normal and even better. I highly recommend them for physical therapy."
Nov 02, 2016
"Had great time here with the Staff , did a great job on getting my range movement in my arm. Thanks everyone mostly Michelle, Maddie and CC!!!"
Oct 19, 2016
"Awesome! Made a lot of progress, and as a bonus, a great environment."
Oct 18, 2016
"All I can say is they were AWESOME!!!!!!! I am actually sad to leave!!! My therapist Erin was so awesome and upbeat. I am leaving after six weeks and feel so much better!!!!! Thank you Erin!!!!"
Sep 23, 2016
"I'm so, so glad I found this office. Such a happy, loving group of therapists. Real family atmosphere. I was teamed up with Michelle Rebozzi. I had left shoulder surgery for rotator cuff tear, labrum tear, and shoulder impingement (bone spurs). I could only be at this office for six weeks, but Michelle really helped with my range of motion and I look forward to returning after I have surgery on my right shoulder down the road. Thanks Michelle, Madeline, and Annie for all your patience and attention to make my shoulder better. I highly recommend this place to future people who need physical therapy."
Sep 21, 2016
"Covina Hills has excellent and friendly staff. Particularly Dr. Michele Rebozzi, my physical therapist who made my recovery fun while ensuring my progress and recovery was on target. Dr. Rebozzi is friendly, emphatetic and extremely knowlegeable and professionally. I highly recommend Covina Hills! Covina Hills is one of the rare health care facility where the well being of their patients is their end goal. Thank you Dr. Rebozzi for all your help!"
Sep 21, 2016
"My experience was very nice and very welcoming. Their staff is great and the treatment is great. I also liked the length of the treatment. The most important thing is that the staff treats everyone with the utmost respect."
Sep 19, 2016
"Zach and Michele were great"
Sep 19, 2016
"The skill of all of the Therapists and staff was incredible, professional and focused on my needs for physical strength, flexibility and mobility. Thank you for all your skill and help. Special thanks to Dr. Michelle and Dr. Mark!"
Aug 31, 2016
"Every one was friendly and professional."
Aug 29, 2016
"Awesome experience!!! Everyone is extremely helpful explaining exercises and making sure you are doing them correctly. I came barely walking with crutches and can bend my knee and run now. Best place to go for therapy!"
Aug 25, 2016
"Fantastic facility and people. Michelle was great and helped me strengthen me so that the pain went away when I ran and I was able to reach my running goals. Thank you to all at CHSM"
Jul 27, 2016
"After my completing the past six weeks of PT, I am pleased to say & be 100% Physically healed. I walked in with a left knee pain thinking I was headed for a surgical repair, the fourth in a long history injuries. However, to my surprise it was determined to the severe muscular in-balance. The Team at CHSM was energetic, fun and supportive. I highly recommend them for Physical Therapy needs."
Jul 15, 2016
"Very, very fun place to "workout". The staff was very knowledgeable and my therapist was able to tailor exercises based on my input and the end goals and objectives. I would definitely come back if I get injured again."
Jul 13, 2016
"I had never been a huge fan of PT however I found myself in a position where I was ready to try anything. After about two trips I was hooked and looking forward to the next visit. Michelle was my primary PT and I would highly recommend her despite the fact that her Golden State Warriors lost :-). Serioulsy each week she introduced new techniques to try, she challenged me but made it fun at the same time. Additionally many other members of the staff that I engaged with were equally as friendly and supportive. Really started to feel like one big happy family by the end. Great experience, great people, great environment and best of all I got the results I was looking for and continuing to apply many of the techniques even thought I've finished PT. High recommend them."
Jul 13, 2016
"Michelle was very knowledgeable and got right to work helping me. Immediately after the first visit I noticed a difference.I had less pain."
Jul 12, 2016
"The culture is unique and refreshing. I felt like one of the team by the time my therapy was completed. I recommend their organization to anyone needing therapy 'cause you'll like going, they know what thy are doing and they got back to normal. THANK YOU - CSUM - I will miss all of you!"
Jun 22, 2016
"I called Covina Hills Spirts Medicine based off a recommendation from a friend and I was not disappointed! The staff work well as a team and truly care about their patients. The atmosphere is positive and encouraging - they helped me feel like I could heal my shoulder back to full health again. Michele worked with me to rehab my shoulder - she is great! She is personable and genuine but does not lack professionalism or expertise. She was extremely knowledgable and guided my shoulder to a full recovery. I'm really thankful I went here."
Jun 19, 2016
"The gang really knows how to motivate and make you do your best and beyond. My improvement was amazing during the short time I was doing PT. Keep up the good work and the reward of a big chocolate cake at your graduation would be really appreciated. Seriously, you guys are the bomb. And thanks to you too Chad (Mark.)."
Jun 17, 2016
"The treatment really made a difference (sticking to the routine is the key) and I found the staff enjoyable and knowledgeable. They were willing to adjust treatment/exercises if my pain was worse or moved. My results were very good - leg and back pain much improved. Would recommend Covina Hills Sports Medicine!!"
Jun 14, 2016
"My treatments with Michele and Mark were outstanding and helped me immensely to recover. I really looked forward to my days at Covina Hills Sports Medicine. A super team with caring and professional attitudes. I will recommend CHSM to many people."
Jun 14, 2016
"I would recommend Covina Hills Sports Medicine to anyone. Dr Mark Baker and his entire staff provided me with an excellant environment to recover from my injuries. As you will find out, they start out as your therapists, but they will become your friends. Marley Friday's aren't bad either!"
Jun 11, 2016
"A very nice, friendly and professional staff. I accomplished all my physical goals and really enjoyed the camaraderie."
Jun 09, 2016
"Covina Hills Sports Medicine is great. Mark Baker and his staff are amazing! I have been having lower back issues for over a year and through traction and core strengthening exercises, I am back to my old self. I highly recommended Covina Hills Sports Medicine."
Jun 09, 2016
"As a retired firefighter I have had a fair share of sprains, strains, breaks, ouches and owes. I needed a place that was going to take care of the soreness in my shoulders as well as teach me the tools to do so once therapy ended. From Mark Baker to Dr. Michelle Rebozzi and the staff helped me to accomplish minimizing and making the pain in my shoulders manageable without medication. Love the ice and the end of the workouts!"
Jun 08, 2016
"Excellent service and very thorough. Especially my Therapist, Michele"
Jun 08, 2016
"Best physical therapy I have ever had and I have had a lot professional courteous and a great leader never saw anyone leave without a smile From top to bottom the best .Will be having shoulder surgery in the next three weeks I'm asking my doctor to send me there again.You were all awesome.Thanks Tim Crawford"
Jun 08, 2016
"Amzing amazing. Could not have asked for a more friendly, capable, knowledgeable and positive staff. Going for treatment and rehab was the best part of my week, always left feeling revitalized and healthy.Covina Hills Sports Medicine goes above and beyond and I am forever grateful, they gave me back my shoulder strength and confidence."
Jun 08, 2016
"Michele was my PT for my foot and she was very hands on from pealing the dead skin off my foot on my first day to regular ankle rubs was great. The team overall was very kind and welcoming and they were very flexible with schedules as well. This is my first major accident but I felt that they helped me make great progress from coming in and not being able to walk to going back to the gym after therapy."
Jun 08, 2016
"Excellent, thoughtful therapy in a friendly environment"
Jun 08, 2016
"I was a patient at Covina Hills twice (2015 & 2016), for physical therapy after knee surgery and foot surgery. The experience and results were outstanding in both cases. I'm an avid hiker and backpacker and my goal was to resume those activities with no limitations. Since the therapy I've hiked over 800 miles, including climbing Mt. Whitney, Grand Canyon north to south rim and every major peak in Southern California. The staff is knowledgeable, attentive and friendly. My therapist in both instances was Erin Bond who I fully credit with getting me physically ready to tackle my goals. I would, without any hesitation, recommend Covina Hills to anyone who requires physical therapy. The clinic is very well maintained, with state of the art equipment and is bright and cheerful from the large windows and natural lighting."
Jun 08, 2016
"Could never imagine how well I'd feel after just 6 weeks 2 times a week with this group. Dr. Mark funny and so in tune with backs. Works you hard, but a big payoff in the end! Staff fun and friendly. Great experience!"
Jun 07, 2016
"Covina Hills Sports Medicine helped me get my shoulder back to normal. I went in with constant pain and left with strength similar to what it was before my injury. Great people and a great atmosphere."
Jun 04, 2016
"I had a back problem and my doctor referred me to Dr. Baker and his team. From the first time I met Doc and his team I was energized. They put you thru the paces and you actually enjoy them. They make the exercises fast paced and you talk to them and get to know them and before you know it, you are looking forward to your next session. The entire team from Doc, Erin and Michelle are the best positive people you want to meet. I love the music they play and the game they play with each other on who is the artist singing. I love that Doc called me a senior patient with limited movement. He was right but I have been able to get back into golf and enjoy hitting the ball. I still have a ball in my living room and when I watch sports I still do the drills they suggested. These folks are passionate and want to help everybody so if you can, please have your doctors send you to this group. I still go back to say hello and thank them for helping me and I promote them when ever I can. If you visit them, you will have fun and get healthy. What more can you want."
Jun 04, 2016
"Awesome experience with this facility!. Over the past 4 years I have been to 4 separate facilities to work on shoulder rehab. I was pretty tired of the process and did not believe my shoulder would ever be "right" My Husband, also a patient, insisted that the doctor send me to Covina Hills Sports Med after my second shoulder surgery. From the first visit I knew that this experience would be different and that I was going to get the use of my shoulder back. At the end of 3 months my shoulder was moving normally with minimal pain. Erin gave me exercises to do at home to keep the improvement going. Now 6 months after surgery I do not even think about my shoulder - no pain - normal movement. SO much better than I ever thought it would be. A couple of months after my shoulder healed I had hand surgery and chose CHSM for therapy based on my prior experience with them. Michelle didn't let me down and did an awesome job with the rehab on my hand. Everyone there is great to work with - encouraging, supportive with just the right amount of fun to get through the tough work outs that are needed. I recommend Covina Hills Sports Med to all that ask about PT."
Jun 04, 2016
"Covina Hills Sports Med was awesome. The PT and exercises I learned helped me extremely with my IT Band issues. Staff and doctors were great and the overall experience was a true positive experience. I also got to attend a Crossfit Unbroken class to work on my mobility. It was truly effective and has helped me in my training."
Jun 03, 2016
"Michele was very relatable and created an easy exercise plan for me to do at home and for the gym. I came in with knee pain and left with a workout regime that I can do anywhere!"
Jun 03, 2016
"I have had physical therapy from Mark Baker on two separate occasions, about 10 years apart, and have been very pleased, each time, with the results. Even though I accused Mark of being a torturing sadist, I have only the highest respect for his knowledge and persistence, and the results have made my life much more comfortable. I am quite active, and the improvements Mark helped me to make have enabled me to continue dancing, working out, hiking, carrying my art supplies into the field to paint--all important activities to me. He had me do exercises that I have been able to continue on my own in the gym. The culture of the whole staff is supportive and encouraging, and the results speak for themselves!"
Jun 03, 2016
"Covina Hills sports medicine provided me with top-notch service that help me gain all of the strength back in my surgically repaired ACL. I am now back to full strength and playing football at the Division 1 Level thanks to the staff at Covina Hills Sports Medicine!"
Jun 03, 2016